imageImagine how good you will feel helping a critically-ill child’s dream come true.  You don’t need any special skills, just a willingness to donate your time, talent, or resources.  That’s all it takes to put a smile on the face of a child who may not have much else to smile about.

For thousands of critically-ill children in the El Paso and southern New Mexico area, Reach For A Star is the shinning light that makes dreams come true.  We arrange for a child to meet his favorite sports hero, actor, or rock star.  We give them the opportunity to go places they have never thought they’d visit, experience things and have adventures they never thought they’d have.

To make the impossible happen for critically-ill chilren, Reach For A Star depends on support from people like you.  In our mission to give children a reason to have hope and believe in the impossible, we also must have hope that local businesses and individuals care enough to donate their time and resources.  Reach For A Star is a non-profit organization, which means that your compassion and generosity toward these children is critical to our mission.

If it were your child, wouldn’t you be glad Reach For A Star was there? Wouldn’t you want someone to help make your child’s wish come true?

 Please call (915) 532-7908 for more information.